Snore Stopper

If you’re looking for a safe solution to relieve the sufferings of sleep apnea, breathing disorders or just good old-fashioned snoring then the Snore Stopper could just be for you.

Often portrayed as a comical, snoring is no laughing matter for the partner sleeping next to you. While the options on the anti-snoring market are vast, just getting a descent night’s sleep could end up costing a lot of money.

The Snore Stopper is not only affordable, but the Snore Stopper Watch is built with cutting edge technology which will help you snore less.

With TENS technology, the Snore Stopper detects snoring through the noise generated and stimulates the nerves in the wrist; this will cause a continuous change in sleeping position and stop snoring.

Since the Snore Stopper works on a sub-conscious level, it won’t disrupt sleep nor cause any damage to the body. Extended use with the Snore Stopper may even train the body against snoring and could work as a long term cure.

Available from: Gizoo

Price: £9.95


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