Pink Solar Powered Gadget Charger

Want to stay in unlimited power all the time as well as being environmentally friendly at the same time?

Freeloader’s solar charger is a hand held device which takes power directly through its solar panels or through the charge USB cable from any computer. With a battery that lasts up to 18 hours for an iPod, a mobile phone for 44 hours and 22 hours for a PDA and much, much more, this power efficient device can be charged anywhere and at any time.

The new model is also compatible with all iPods including the iTouch and the iPhone.

The current kit also comes with an adaptor compatible with all iPod applications. With its tough aluminium body, the Freeloader not only looks good and stylish but it’s also durable and resilient, making it ideal for the business traveller or the adventurous backpacker.

Available from: The GadgetShop

Price: £32.99


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