HTC Desire – Cheapest Contract

The HTC Desire is the newest phone on the market and is giving the iPhone a good run for it’s money already with its Google engineered Android operating system, free applications and similar features. Best of all, an HTC Desire pay monthly contract spread over 24 months works out at about half the cost of having an iPhone – and it has many superior features too, including a 5 Megapixel camera.

Unlike the newest iPhones on cheaper monthly contracts, the HTC is free on contracts which start as low as £25 a month. Plus on the Orange Dolphin25 contract, the first 8 months are half price – so the average monthly cost of your phone with 300 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data internet allowance (same as iPhone) is just £20.85. This contract is a good one to go for at the moment… you can keep your number if you change networks, and you even get Orange Wednesday offers (so cheap pizzas and cinema tickets!).

Contract Details:

  • Orange Pay Monthly (24 Months)
  • Free HTC Desire handset
  • £25 a month (with 8 months half price – average monthly cost is therefore £20.85)
  • 300 Minutes to any network, 500 MB data internet allowance, unlimited texts


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